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18 Castens Belvedere Harare
Since 2019

Pygentech is a top growing startup in Africa.

Nominated as the best Newcomer & Startup of the year award in Zimbabwe for the 2021 Southern Africa Startup Awards. Pygentech has developed many systems including the CSMS.


CSMS is a Brainchild of Pygentech

CSMS is a project among many that has transformed the way education is run in Zimbabwe.


School Already Running the Product


Students Benefiting

Making life easy and transforming peoples lives through technology


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Combine seamlessly fitting layouts, customize everything.

Our software solutions foster productivity and removes redundancy by automating everything. Doing more does not mean you are doing it right. Our moto less is not lazy helps us be more productive with less. If we automate repetitive and banal tasks, imagine what we could do with all that free time that will be left on our hands.

We design & develop computer systems that will drive productivity for you. Lets automate your life.

Connectivity to anything, with anyone, anywhere & at anytime. We aim to make life easier for everyone through the use of technology. We automate whatever can be automated, Smart ID Cards, smart gas alarms, smart fire alarm, smart door lock, smart security system etc.